Sims Strategies is a boutique government relations firm that specializes in health and tax policy, providing clients hands-on support to meet their policy and strategy goals. We know that the best strategies begin with a team that works collaboratively with you to understand your concerns and goals to effectively communicate it to others. We use our know-how, contacts, insight, and experience to further your goals and meet your government affairs needs.

Sims Strategies was founded by Michaela Sims, who synthesizes her deep knowledge of Capitol Hill from her robust experience as a long-time Senate Legislative Director and Counsel and her time being a recognized power-player in the lobbying world.

Michaela has been recognized as a top lobbyist by The Hill newspaper every year since 2016 and her counsel and strategic advice is sought by Fortune 500 companies, hospital systems, physician and provider groups, and stakeholders of all sizes.

We know that the key to achieving results is not just a good strategy, but the ability to problem solve and adapt to road blocks along the way. There is no straight line between policy goals and outcomes, but it is a winding path that requires strong problem-solving skills and Congressional relationships. Sims Strategies excels at both.

Sims Strategies harnesses the talent of its team and the close relationships it has in Washington to achieve results, capture insightful analysis, and communicate winning arguments. Whether your business is at the top of Congress’ agenda or needs to get there, Sims Strategies can work with you to leverage your influence and maximize your impact in Washington.

In addition to serving our clients, Sims Strategies has a passion for growing the next generation of leaders. During the evenings in fall, Sims Strategies turns into a classroom connecting law students with established leaders in government to share war stories and dispense career advice to help students successfully transition from the classroom to professionals in government.

Primary Services Provided by Sims Strategies Include:

  • Direct Lobbying Advocacy
  • Strategic Planning and Positioning
  • Stakeholder and Champion Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Research and Analysis on Political and Policy Issues
  • Event Monitoring and Analysis
  • Political Strategy
  • Coalition Management