Michaela Sims

Michaela Sims, President of Sims Strategies, is known for her keen insight and ability to use plain English when explaining complicated matters to clients. Named one of The Hill’s Top Lobbyists for seven years in a row, including recently again for 2022, Michaela has provided critical insight and developed and implemented successful strategies for nearly twenty years for numerous stakeholders, primarily in the health care industry. For ten years, Michaela served as legislative director and senior counsel in the U.S. Senate for Senators Bob Kerrey and Ben Nelson, playing a major role in many key legislative efforts in a closely divided Senate. Drawing on her strong ties to Senate centrists, she has developed a reputation as an honest broker with credibility on both sides of the aisle.

Through Sims Strategies, Michaela continues to provide high-caliber lobbying services to a variety of multi-issue clients, particularly those focused on health care and tax issues. Michaela’s work for clients comes in all shapes in sizes – from developing efficient and focused strategies, to organizing and managing significant coalition efforts for a multi-faceted strategy for Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch, and shaping public debate.

When she is not lobbying, Michaela is passionate about helping young adults begin and advance their careers in Washington. Michaela received a J.D. from Creighton University and is coordinator of the School of Law’s Masters in Government and Semester in D.C. program, which includes facilitating numerous internship placements throughout the government each fall semester. Michaela is also a founding member and former Chair of Capital REACH, a nonprofit organization committed to helping disadvantaged youth become successful in school, work, and their communities. Most recently, Michaela served as her church’s COVID-19 Crisis Coordinator to plan for and operationalize the effort needed to sustain the enormous surge their food pantry saw since the COVID-19 crisis began.