Reuters: How parents of adopted children foiled a U.S. Republican tax proposal

By Katanga Johnson and Makini Brice

Despite a relative lack of clout, parents of adopted children and adoption advocates beat back a minor change in the tax code that would have removed a tax credit to help cover the costs of adoption.

“Everyone in corporate America had an army ready and in place to push for simplifying the tax code,” said Michaela Sims Stewart, president of the lobbying firm Sims Strategies.

In contrast, parents of adopted children “naturally came together” to form a “small but mighty group,” said Stewart.

Stewart also happens to be a spokeswoman for Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, which brought together a host of organizations, some with strong Republican and conservative ties, to pressure the House leadership to drop the change.

The House proposal was dropped Nov. 2 and the Senate didn’t even bother to make it part of its version of the tax bill.

Source: Reuters