Tax Notes: Women in Tax: Pioneering and Progress But Still a Long Way to Go

By William Hoke

The dearth of women occupying top slots in tax policymaking positions is mirrored by the percentage of women who get paid to influence the policymakers. In a 2013 article in The Atlantic, a Washington lobbyist said that while there had been recent increases in the number of women-owned lobbying firms and women in leadership roles in that field, the trend had not occurred in the tax sector, where she said men still noticeably outnumber women. “It’s not unique for me to show up to a room full of 15 people, and I’m the only one wearing a dress,” said Michaela Sims at the time. Now president of Sims Strategies in Washington, Sims told Tax Notes that while there still aren’t many women at the meetings she attends, the situation is starting to change. “It does feel like more and more women are populating the tax space, and I think that’s awesome,” she said.

Source: Tax Notes International, July 30, 2018, pp. 446-449. Published by Tax Analysts.