The Hill: Top Lobbyists 2018

On December 13, 2018, Michaela Sims was named a Top Lobbyist by The Hill for the third year in a row.

Welcome to The Hill’s Top Lobbyists 2018.

Here you’ll find the most distinguished and accomplished professionals from the influence world who are on the front lines of the nation’s most consequential political and policy battles.

The lobbying world faces new pressures and is under greater scrutiny than ever. But the select few on the list have demonstrated their ability to wield influence and deliver results on Capitol Hill and in the administration on behalf of clients and groups seeking a voice in Washington.

Many of the advocates on the list don’t fit the traditional definition of a lobbyist, and only a portion are registered as such. Some are known as “hired guns,” who are brought on in times of crisis, while others represent the nation’s most iconic companies, industries and unions, as well as grassroots groups.

The nation’s capital is teeming with lobbyists and influencers, but when the stakes are at their highest, these are the players at the top of their game, known for their ability to successfully navigate the byzantine and competitive world of federal policymaking.

Hired Guns

Michaela Sims, Sims Strategies

Source: The Hill